2017- The Year of New Challenges or Opportunities?

Let’s face it, 2016 was a horrible year for many of us. It was a year of loss, civil unrest, fighting, hard-work, and Donald Trump. But now that the New Year has begun, how can we make sure that it is better than the last? Yes, we don’t have magical powers, and we can’t change the past or look into the future, but did you know that we all have several great personality traits and attributes to better our own lives? (ex. dedication, determination, imagination, and hard-work)

Like most people, I experienced many heart breaks and obstacles growing up. During the times when I felt low, I always worried how I could improve my life and make a positive change for myself. In 2015, I began researching easy ways to influence my life, and stumbled upon many quick and easy tips and tricks. Below are several steps that helped me improve my quality of life and get closer to achieving my dreams:

Think about what you want, seriously.

Yes, yes…SOME women are known for not “knowing what they want”, but I genuinely think that deep down, we all do. In order to make your dreams a reality, you must first understand and acknowledge what you want, and what is practical and achievable. One method that I have found particularly helpful, is hand writing a 5-year plan and posting it somewhere you can view visually daily. I started this method back in 2015 when I felt that I was stuck in my current situation and wasn’t progressing in life. (TIP: try posting this on your fridge or where you get ready in the morning. Include check boxes next to each “project” to mark as completed when you have finished the related task.)5yr list_edited_edited.jpg


In order to make your wants a reality, make sure that they are something that are achievable. For example, if you want to travel to a particular country, look up to see how you can make it a reality (flight costs, visa requirements, accommodations, cultural differences, personal budget).

Involve your friends and family

If you feel like you are struggling through a rough time or just want to make a positive change in your life, involving your family and friends can warrant many benefits. Not only will they be your personal cheerleaders and best resources, you will also influence them to invest more time in bettering themselves and becoming happier. And a family (friend) that grows together, stays happier together.

Add fitness to your routine

This may be one of the most important. As women (and men), our body image greatly affects our lives and self-confidence. I recommend setting up a weekly fitness schedule (ex. mine is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). Working out is great for improving your self-image and releasing unwanted stress. And…let’s face it, not only will you look and feel amazing, you will also improve your overall health! (TIP: If you have issues keeping a fitness schedule or regime, download apps like 30 Day Fitness Challenge or Fit Girls to assist)

Meditation can solve wonders

Sounds corny, I know…but it works! Taking 5 minutes out of your day (either when you first wake up or before going to sleep) can greatly improve your mood and stress levels. I tried this out for 3 months, and I honestly had never been happier. I also noticed more positive energy and changes in my life when I meditated regularly. (TIP: Try apps like Calm to assist you with your daily meditation.)

Lastly, trust the process—it takes time

Most of the “projects” written on your list will take time and maybe even financial support. So don’t expect them to happen overnight. You must be patient, dedicated, and truly confident in knowing that you are working towards bettering yourself and positively impacting your life. Don’t give up!

In summary, don’t believe in the negativity…You DO have the ability to change your fate and improve your quality of life. And with real determination, hard work, and support, you can make all your dreams a reality.

I urge you to seek happiness, and enjoy your life. There’s only one of it, so make each moment count.


Travel Girl—Ilea


(All photos and content created by the Girls Point of View Team ©2017. All Rights Reserved.)


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